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カウアイ島 ディレクトリ
Journey to a Sacred Valley - 88 Shrines of Lawai カウアイ島
  Website: www.lawaicenter.org

Contact: Lynn Muramoto
E-mail: LM@hawaii.rr.com
Phone: (808) 639-4300

Lawai, HI 96761

Island: カウアイ島

One of the world's greatest sacred sites is right here on Kaua'i. It is a place of palpable healing energy that is calling to the pilgrims of the world. Lawai International Center, a site of 88 Buddhist shrines, was built over a century ago in a valley long known as a place of healing.

From the distant reaches of Kaua'i, the ancient Hawaiians traveled by foot to receive the spiritual benefits of Lawai Valley. They built a heiau there, and when the Asian immigrants followed, they too built their temples: Shinto, Taoist, Buddhist.
Today. long after the lay people of Koloa Plantation built the shrines with their hands, hearts and longings, the legacy of empowerment continues.  The Lawai International Center is one of the oldest Buddhist temple sites in the country and a scaled-down replica of a famous 1,000-mile pilgrimage of Shikoku, Japan build 1,000 years ago.  After more that 21 years of devoted volunteer support, Lawai is emerging as a significant nondenominational, cultural center for the people of the world.

Visitors are welcome to tour the site on the second and last sunday of each month, at 10:00am., 12:00pm., and 2:00pm or by appointment only. Take a tranquil walk on the path of the 88 shrines and learn about this archaeological and cultural treasure.
A non-profit community project, Lawai International Center is a beacon of beauty, hope and healing.
As Hawaiian elder Pilahi Paki said, " Aloha will be Hawaii's gift to the world in the new millennium"

Donations are appreciated with gratitude.
Lawai International Center, LM@hawaii.rr.com, (808)639-4300, www.lawaicenter.org
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